TjaĊĦa Ferme

Comedy Reel

Demo Reel

as Claire from Beard Talk

pilot for Macbeth 1.07 webseries

Tjasa Ferme as Lady Macbeth and Tim Eliot as Macbeth, directed by Dagny Looper & Devin Landin

as Monique in Errand Boys

Tender Rope

Steel and Glass

a short movie, produced by ALVA Films Unlimited, dir: Sal Pesce

Gewohnheit ist ein Himmelschatz

is a short two character lack comedy about a dysfunctional couple, shot in Berlin. Dir: Phillip Lee Dunkan, prod: FleichFilm & Tiptow films starring Tjasa Ferme & Stefan Kolosko

Revolution of Everyday Life

A Feature film by Marc Lafia, a mix of fiction & documentary, two young women meet in an explosive and highly emotional love story where love, art, and revolution ignite.

Satisfaction - A Slovenian film