“Big Voices in Small Theater Interview with Tjasa Ferme

By Susie K Taylor - Huffington Post

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Wild Child in the City – 
“Is This Part of the Show or Not?” Sheer Brilliance

by Monica Trombley - Playing Around




"She is an absolute leader. She charmed the audience immediately even though the play in Nizhnevartovsk was performed without any subtitles or translation."

"Silly at first, stories about about the most common everyday life situations suddenly transform in some inconspicuous, non-declarative way into a very serious statement, into an acute feminist text. Is it possible to unite our own freedom, internal and external with an absolute personal inviolability?"

"She is free and dashing. She is shining with inner freedom and self confidence. Her fantastic charm is not born out of a desire to please,  as an actress or a woman, but from dignity and feeling of one's own uniqueness."

Vladislava Kuprina, St. Petersburg Theater Magazine, Russia. Here.
Full English translation here

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“Ferme is like Robin Williams”


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