The Female Role Model Project

The Female Role Model Project is a scientifically enhanced multimedia devised theatre piece built by an ensemble of female-identified artists about recreating modern female role models in the world of cataclysmic climate change, cataclysmic political change and possibility of reprogramming our brains.

Press Kit



Tech Sponsor:

-Emotiv BrainWear 


-Lauren Silbert, a neuroscientist (Pioneer Works)
-Martina Bradic, geneticist (NYU)

Creative Team:

Tjasa Ferme (creator, actor, producer)
Ana Margineanu (director)
Meggan Dodd (collaborator, actor)
Meggy Hai Trang (collaborator, actor)
Amina Henry (collaborator, actor)
Stacy Price (collaborator, actor)
Sandy Simona (collaborator, actor)
Justin Mathews (music engineer and composer)

The Clemente will host Fearless, a series featuring LGBTQ artists presenting works in direct response to the tragedy in Orlando and continuing attacks against the LGBTQ community. Connected by the theme of understanding and unity, these events will be spread throughout our 2017-18 season. While the participants in Fearless represent a broad range of disciplines, they all share common aspirations: to inspire artists to cherish their identities and heritage, to champion LGBTQ artists especially in fields where they are still marginalized, and to touch the hearts and minds of the general public through works that underscore our collective humanity and our shared aspirations for a just and creatively fulfilling world. Read more